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Block B Fanfiction

'In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth.'

Block B Fanfiction Community
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Block B Fanfiction

Welcome to Block B’s fanfiction/fanart community. ^^
Here you can post any kind of fanfics, drawings and graphics your mind comes up with.
• No bashing please. I know how satisfying a fight could be, but try to keep you opinions in contradictory in your private journals.
• You should use LJ cuts for your entries(learn how to do it here)
• Please tag your entries (view tags here)
• Member lock posts that are rated R/NC-17
• And that’s kinda all…^^ Have phun!


b-bomb, block b, hip-hop, jaehyo, kyung, p.o, taeil, u-kwon, zico, 김유권, 박경, 뵤지훈, 블락비, 안재효, 우지호, 이민혁, 이태일